5 Kick-Ass Action Movies That Are Pure Propaganda


The Plot
"Marky" Mark Wahlberg IS Bob Lee Swagger, a badass former Marine scout sniper who lives in a log cabin in the woods with his dog and his copy of the 9/11 Commission Report. But, when the government shows up at his door and asks Bob Lee to help them save the president's life, Bob Lee puts aside his burning hatred of the government and agrees to give them a hand.

Two bullet wounds later, Bob Lee is on the run from a conspiracy that involves the U.S. Senate, Big Oil, the FBI, the Philadelphia Police Department and just about everybody else. It's just too bad for all those conspiring bastards that they picked the baddest motherfucker on the planet to conspire against.

The Message
There's Only One Way to Deal with a Politician, and It Ain't Due Process.

You know those vigilante movies where some murdering scumbag is set free by the legal system and somebody has to take the law into his own hands to bring the bastard to justice? Well, Shooter takes the same stand on right-wing politics, as in: If the legal system can't bring right-wing politicians to justice, then it's time for every one of those money-grubbing bastards to get a lead injection.

Yeah, we're thinking the Secret Service has a list of everyone who has ever seen this movie.

Significant Quote
"This is a country where the Secretary of Defense can go on TV and tell the American public, oh, that 'This is about Freedom, it's not about oil!' And, nobody questions him 'cause nobody wants to hear the answer, 'cause it's a lie! There's only so many places at the table, gunnie. Now, are you on the inside, or are you on the out?" -Senator Charles Meachum (He's the villain, in case that wasn't clear)

Bonus Message
And, it's all because of those fucking oil pipelines. Where's Forrest Taft when you need the man?

Yeah, But Do They Still Blow Some Shit Up?
You better fucking believe it. And when shit blows up, shit blows up big. Plus, you get some kung fu and a nice combination of gunfire and gore that adds up to some of the awesomest bullet hits in movie history. One guy gets his arm shot off; his entire fucking arm!

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