The 10 Best Will Ferrell Skits of All-Time

6. VH1 Behind the Music: Blue Oyster Cult

While some argue this is the best SNL sketch ever, we couldn't give it the number one spot because the best moments belong to Walken. Ferrell is great and integral to the sketch, but the real magic is in the lines about gold-plated diapers and having a fever. That being said, no one will ever handle a cowbell that well again.
Why Only Ferrell Could Make it Golden: It combines physical comedy with Ferrell' dark side. Chris Farley actually probably could have pulled this one off too.
Highlight: When Ferrell, channeling a petulant child, brings the cowbell just inches from Chris Parnell' face and plays it slowly.

5. Harry Caray - Space: The Infinite Frontier

For some reason, Harry Caray has a science talk show, and for some reason he is interviewing a legitimate scientist about whether he would eat the moon if it were made of ribs. Ferrell makes the concept of acting seem ridiculous by completely disappearing into what is quite possibly the most absurd character ever created.
Why Only Ferrell Could Make it Golden: His complete commitment to character. The intensity with which he channels Harry Caray makes De Niro in Taxi Driver look like a freshman in a school play.
Highlight:"What's your favorite planet? Mine's the sun."

4. Robert Goulet Coconut Banger's Ball

Picking perhaps the only celebrity as mind-bogglingly random as Harry Caray, Ferrell dons a smooth turtleneck, a rad set of shades and a bitchin' mustache in what has become a favorite sketch for stoned people everywhere. Insanely, Goulet tries to sell his new "rap" CD by crooning songs like "The Thong Song," and even dropping the N-bomb twice.
Why Only Ferrell Could Make it Golden: It had to have been next to impossible to avoid laughing during this sketch, especially while trying to feed cereal to a stuffed ram. A lesser man (read: Jimmy Fallon) wouldn't have been so committed to something so absurd.
Highlight: Goulet repeatedly yelling out his own name for no reason whatsoever.

3. Family Portrait

A family tries to have a normal dinner conversation as tension slowly builds. Ferrell and his wife exchange quiet insults like "I wish you weren't a liar" in between loud shouting matches. Ferrell, one of the best screamers around, somehow turns a declaration of the car he drives into one of the funniest moments in his time on the show.
Why Only Ferrell Could Make it Golden: In addition to the shouting, he' probably the only person who could have infused statements like, "Could you let me finish the story?" with such repressed anger.
Highlight: "I drive"I drive"I drive a Dodge Stratus!"

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