10 Hot Celebrity Kids (And Why You Might Have a Shot)

#5. Elvis Presley's Granddaughter, Riley Keough (Lisa Marie Presley)

Odds of Hotness Based on Gene Pool: Poor to Middling. While grandmother Priscilla Presley is still really hot, and Elvis worked some sweaty sex mojo in his day, Lisa Marie didn't really get the best features of either parent. Or rather, she did, but they just look weird on her face. Must be one of those "skips a generation" things.

Why We Wanna Hit That: The daughter of Lisa Marie and first husband Danny Keough, Elvis's only granddaughter has been modeling for some of the biggest names in fashion since she was 12. We respect her work ethic, considering the size of the Presley estate means she could get away with sitting on a solid gold couch eating lobster tail sandwiches for the rest of her life. That said, she might have just been eager to get out of the house (she's had both Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage as step-fathers. That's gotta fuck you up but good). And since Riley finally turned 18 last month, it's about time for those personalized tours of the Jungle Room, if you get what we're saying. (We're saying we would like to have sex with her.)

#4. Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn)

Odds of Hotness Based on Gene Pool: High. Goldie Hawn was pretty sexy in her prime, and she's had two kids end up on People Magazine's Most Beautiful list, so we know the material is good. However, if you're supposed look at a girl's mother to see if she'll age gracefully"¦OUCH.

Why We Wanna Hit That: Before Goldie Hawn turned into a terrifying blonde scarecrow, she had ditzy cuteness that we found surprisingly appealing. Kate Hudson has the same thing going on, but better. She's done well off the family connections, or at least as well as you can with a reputation that's mainly for being cute and bubbly (see also: any movie where she stars with a child), very cute and bubbly (see also: any movie where she co-stars with man-child Matthew McConaughey), or cute, bubbly, and vulnerable (see Almost Famous. Seriously, it's a good movie). Despite sounding like she's a few crackers short of a snack-pack in interviews, we'd happily spawn with her, provided she can somehow prevent ex-husband Chris Robinson's bong smell from infecting the baby.

#3. Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet)

Odds of Hotness Based on Gene Pool: A sure thing. How could anything that issued from the god-like loins of two of the most beautiful people on the planet fail to be less than astounding?

Why We Wanna Hit That: Wow, this one snuck up on us. We faintly remembered that rocker/panty moistener Kravitz and Cosby actress/hippie space loon Bonet had a child back in the '80s. Rolling Stone was fond of showing the be-fringed and be-flowered family all in matching dreadlocks. But my how the years have flown by. Daughter Zoe apparently got all the sex appeal of a young fond-of-posing-naked Bonet (go on, Google it), and then combined it with even MORE sex appeal from Victoria's Secret model and Nicole Kidman magnet Kravitz. Plus, should Zoe bear our child, it'd be the great-grandchild of that lady from The Jeffersons. Bonus street cred!

#2. Ivanka Trump (Donald Trump, Ivana Trump)

Odds of Hotness Based on Gene Pool: It really could have gone either way. Ivana was a bit of a fox, but The Donald looks The Disgusting. We're just grateful Ivanka inherited her dad's money but not his hair.

Why We Wanna Hit That: When Donald gave Carolyn Kuchner's boardroom spot on The Apprentice to his daughter, he seemed to have some moments of distinctly "unfatherly" affection for Ivanka...but who could blame him? She's a smoking blonde with an unbelievable body. Knowing that she's got the brains to match and graduated magna cum laude from Wharton makes us want to make a lot of jokes about "cum laude."

#1. Angelina Jolie (Jon Voigt)

Odds of Hotness Based on Gene Pool: Pretty good, though the results still exceeded our wildest expectations. Jon Voigt has a face like an old catcher's mitt now, but in his Midnight Cowboy era he had a certain boyish charm. Angelina should stock up on a shitload of sunscreen, though.

Why We Wanna Hit That: To be honest, we're a little thrown off by the fact that a) she's had Brad Pitt inside her, so there's no possible way we'll match up, and b) she's been quoted as saying she hates her natural born baby because "Shiloh's had her entire life handed to her on a silver goddamn platter, and all the foreign orphans have been 'in the shit' their entire lives." Maybe we're paraphrasing. Our one shining ray of hope? She let Billy Bob Thornton stick it to her, so we're pretty sure she'd at least let us take a shot, provided we promised the baby would come out a Nepalese-Brazilian amputee.

Honorable Mentions

Famous babes of famous parents and who didn't make the cut.

Liv Tyler (Aerosmith's Steven Tyler)
She was the only good thing about Armageddon, and we loved that music video she did with Alicia Silverstone, even if making out with another chick while your dad is singing is a tad weird. But she's kind of...chunky now. (Yes, we know it's because she had a baby, and we don't care.)

Gwyneth Paltrow (Bruce Paltrow and Blythe Danner)
In 2001, our penises nearly had a heart attack (turned out it was a stroke) when it was revealed she was both funny and sexy on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, Gwynnie's gotten way too skinny and whiney for us at this point. Also, she'd probably want to name the baby some shit like "Kumquat Darfur" or "Free-Trade Lindenberry."

Jamie Lee Curtis (Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh)
Even though she's past her childbearing years, she's kept herself up, and still has an amazing body. We'd still seriously considering hitting it, except for all those Internet rumors that she was born a dude. Ah, hell, who are we fooling? We'd hit it. But don't tell anyone.

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt)
We should probably stop now.

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