When They Were Young: Supervillain Science Projects

Oswald Cobblepot (Bill Finger Elementary)

Known Today As: The Penguin

Noted For: Umbrellas; unusual laugh

Project: Arctic Wildlife Diorama

Grade Received: B+

Teacher Comments:
Impressively detailed scale model, but indigenous fowl are not known to crack safes, plant bombs or assassinate policemen as depicted.

Parent-Teacher Discussion Ignored at Humanity's Peril:

"Oswald continues to avoid homework assignments and justify tardiness by faking his own death-a tactic considerably beyond the forged notes and casual truancy our disciplinary system is designed to handle."

"The Joker" (Arkham Academy)

Known Today As: The Joker

Noted For: Hand buzzers; squirt flowers; fashion sense

Project: Joker Gas

Grade Received: F

Teacher Comments:
Assignment obviously not taken seriously.

Parent-Teacher Discussion Ignored at Humanity's Peril:

"He certainly has a well-developed sense of humor- please -Really, he's great- help -I would never say anything- me -bad about him."

Mr. Zero (St. Brigid K-8)

Known Today As: Mr. Freeze

Noted For: Pioneering work in thermal sciences; extralegal application thereof

Project: Liquid Nitrogen and Your Pet

Grade Received: C+

Teacher Comments:
Project is technically impressive but exceedingly mean-spirited.

Parent-Teacher Discussion Ignored at Humanity's Peril:

"Mr. and Mrs. Zero, we wonder if your unfortunate last name might have something to do with your brilliant son's self-esteem issues."

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