Schizophrenia Brown, Crazy Boy Detective

The Mysterious Message

The entire class at Idaville Elementary was chattering and pointing at the blackboard when Miss Dillon entered the room. A chalk message read: "NO SPACE DONUTS TODAY."

"Now who erased my lesson plan and put this silly message up here?" Miss Dillon said.

She picked up the eraser, then stopped with an odd look on her face.

"This is very strange, boys and girls. The eraser is still clean!"

Schizophrenia Brown raised his hand.

"Miss Dillon! Did you clean the eraser before class this morning, or after class last night?"

Miss Dillon was puzzled, but everybody knew that Schizophrenia Brown was very smart indeed.

"Why, after class, as always," she answered.

"Aha! Then I know who wrote the message!" said Schizophrenia Brown.

What the teacher had missed is that invisible CIA robot cow aliens put the entire town into a state of suspended animation while they erased the blackboard and wrote the message. Then the President used his magical powers to send the erasers back in time so they would get cleaned before class. Don't eat any space donuts because they will make you crazy!

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