The Best (Worst) Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Covers

My lord, that is a lot of horses. I gather that for pre-teen girls this is basically pornography. I would bet ninety trillion dollars there' a scene where the heroine comes across an unloved horse, and seeing the potential within him, takes him and wins the gold medal at the county fair horse championship.

More pony-porn. In this one the heroine has to pretend to be a boy. She eventually proves to the world that girls can do anything just as well as boys can by revealing her gender at the dramatic conclusion, after winning the county fair horse championship.

There' nothing exceptionally funny about this, except that Crystal Walls sounds sort of like a retirement home for porn stars.

What kind of fantastic world is this, where snowmobiles are towed along by tiny polar bears? Oh, what adventures they must have in this ridiculous fucking land!

Little known fact: every one of these polar bears is named 'Wesley.'

I actually don't see anything that funny with this one. I'm not sure why I even included it.

I think I actually own that belt even.

The Fey is the special code name given by the government to the two most precious assassins in the land of Nar'Blip'pt'anana.

I really like the subtitle on this one. "It wouldn't be easy for Sklar Hast to kill a sea monster that refused to die!" No, I guess it wouldn't.

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