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Some of the best stuff from around the web and the Cracked.com Mirth Canal.


Film's hottest scream queens: [Rotten Tomatoes]

Your dose of celebrity gossip: [Ask Men]

The 25 Douchiest Colleges in America: [GQ]
Thanks to dagur in the Mirth Canal.

Batmobile, Batcycle and Bat... Pogo stick?: [Adult Swim]

10 Sexy Stewardes- sorry, "Flight Attendants": [Uncoached]

This is too stupid not to buy: [Asylum]

Old folks gettin' fresh on the dance floor: [YouTube]
Thanks to Brian via email.

WiFi Prostitutes: [College Humor]

10 Best After School Specials: [Liquid Generation]

"Sir, you're under arrest for illegal cockfighting." "Fine, whatever, just don't let those assholes at the Humane Society hurt my birds.":[Fark]

"She's fucking fat. WTF?": [I Am Bored]

Carin Ashley shows us it's OK to wear a bathrobe to the beach: [Gorillamask]

Required reading for the ladies (or the dudes if you roll that way): [lemondrop]

Visual Effects: 100 Years of Inspiration: [YouTube]
Thanks to Liqourish in the Mirth Canal.

Only in America: The Mona Lisa painted with burger grease: [The Chive]

15 Most Awkward Celebrity Childhood Photos: [Retro Comedy]

5 Reasons Why Rob Zombie Must Be Stopped: [Mania]

27 Playmates on Twitter: [coed]

Luda's fantasies are just a little too unrealistic, even for him: [11Points]

What happens in our office whenever Editor-in-Chief Jack O'Brien comes walking through: [YouTube]
Thanks to Local Penguin in the Mirth Canal.

Conando returns: [Huffington Post]

We present to you Cracked's yacht: [College Humor]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: A list of celebrity sex tapes!
Submitted by GOTI in the Mirth Canal.

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We thought the police hired people who, you know, could draw to be their sketch artists: [TruTV]
Thanks to Ripper in the Mirth Canal.

Family Guy's worst vacations: [Adult Swim]

Lifetime jumps the shark: [Huffington Post]

Holy shit this is disgusti- wait where did Brockway just run off to?: [Asylum]

We really hope the universe isn't a PC: [College Humor]

"We've had our breakfast of coffee and smokes, now someone put Beyonce on": [Nic Billington and Co.]
Thanks to Emma via email.

From the "It Could Only Happen in the South" file:[Fark]

Sign up to get A-List info every Friday: [Ask Men]

How we wish we were that marble pillar: [Gorillamask]

10 Famous Musicians Falling On Stage: [Uncoached]

How to pull an office prank: [The Chive]

15 Most Awkward Celebrity Childhood Photos: [Retro Comedy]

When wrestlers and Hollywood collide: [Mania]

Well, guess this settles that question: [I Am Bored]

The 12 Dumbest Convicted Athletes: [coed]

11 Firsts in Internet History: [11Points]

Rapper screwed by label, gets free education in the end: [NY Daily News]
Thanks to ralf23 in the Mirth Canal.

We'd say this was romantic... if magicians weren't totally dorky: [College Humor]

"It was an art project!" "That's it, lock her up.": [lemondrop]

10 Best After School Specials: [Liquid Generation]

"Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell": [Da Racist]
Thanks to Nedroid in the Mirth Canal.

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: If a kangaroo is unable to pass gas, would it still laugh at fart jokes?
Submitted by daimon67 in the Mirth Canal.


When a Fist Meets a Face: [Uncoached]

Bears are awesome: [The Chive]

Ahoy! Thar be boobies: [Adult Swim]

"What this song needs... is more airhorn": [Funny or Die]
Thanks to Brian via email.

Is there anything Hitler won't get pissed at?: [Comedy.com]

"Her existence to me is like daughter, younger sister and bride all put into one." Does he have sex with her? "Yes.": [New York Times]
Thanks to Man With Beard in the Mirth Canal.

The 5 Greatest Nazi Killers: [Mania]

Rejected MTV Movie Award shorts: [College Humor]

The Today Show's standards for guests have really bottomed out: [Huffington Post]

When threesome's go wrong:[Fark]

12 Weird Hotel Rooms From Around the World: [Asylum]

Mary Alison's curves are so dangerous they should be illegal: [Gorillamask]

A review of Inglourius Basterds: [Ask Men]

Confessions From a Couple Who Met Online: [lemondrop]

They'll make anything into a sport nowadays: [I Am Bored]

Is this the beginning of real Transformers?: [YouTube]
Thanks to m3anmarin3 in the Mirth Canal.

11 Secrets for Taking Amazing Nude Photos: [11Points]

Some mean-ass nerdy boobs: [Liquid Generation]

These put our cardboard fort at the office to shame: [Cardboard Sculptures]

When the Emperor died, the Sith sank to new lows to recruit members: [College Humor]

More reasons you should be watching Mad Men: [coed]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Apparently our childhood was nothing but lies.
Submitted by HappyKitty in the Mirth Canal.


Spell my Finger: [Adult Swim]

Our scores were so low because no one in the office has seen a potato not in French fry form: [Pornstar or Potato]
Thanks to Kalli in the Mirth Canal.

10 Signs You're Too Stupid to be on Facebook: [Big Stupid Idiot]

A John Williams classic, reimagined by sharks: [College Humor]

The best jokes of the week: [Huffington Post]

UNO! Now with more knifings and battery:[Fark]

First our furry little friends, next will be us: [Asylum]

Training Day starring McLovin: [Trailer Trasher]

Apparently Gwen Stefani is drop-dead gorgeous: [The Chive]

The Top 49 Men: [Ask Men]

10 Sexy Videos of Girls Eating Icecream: [Uncoached]

10 Worst Marriages in Cartoondom: [Comedy.com]

The first iPhone: [I Am Bored]

Engineering student? Or Juggernaut?: [YouTube>]
Thanks to
tomroadrunner in the Mirth Canal.

11 Best Photos of Spelling Mistakes: [11Points]

Today's Big Thing: [iGun rampage]

Shaq is a dancing machine: [Jock and Balls]

What happened to the days of girls just playing with Barbie and having dirt thrown at them by boys?: [YouTube]
Thanks to chad.rojas via email.

Aylen Alvarez in what is either a NSFW photoshoot or a philosophical exploration of the question: How much of a T-Shirt and shorts can be cut off before they are no longer a T-Shirt and shorts? [Gorillamask]

It's only a matter of time before craigslist gets in on this: [Moon Publicity]
Thanks to Nktalloth in the Mirth Canal.

Sex Scene or Murder Scene?: [Liquid Generation]

Can this really be considered a giant cupcake? Or is it just a big cake?: [lemondrop]

5 Kick Ass Baseball Fight Videos: [coed]

5 WTF Moments in Movies: [Mania]

"K, sir, what do you want?" "A unicorn fucking a dolphin." "Great! That's my specialty!": [College Humor]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: LGBT characters in video games.
Submitted by HappyKitty in the Mirth Canal.

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Why we'll never top the 70s: [Asylum]

Why dogs are awesome: [Video]
Thanks to selftitled in the Mirth Canal.

An important message from Megan Fox: [College Humor]

The Real Housewives of Lancaster County: [Huffington Post]

How to Be a Successful Jerry Springer Guest: [LA Weekly]

Ass stabbings? You crazy Aussies:[Fark]

25 Awesome Photos: [The Chive]

The greatest business card on the planet: [The Laugh Track]

Top 10 Sin Cities: [Ask Men]

Seriously, when are these guys coming out of the closet?: [Uncoached]

10 Most Moronic Cartoon Pets: [Comedy.com]

"Johnson, put a message on that board that will really get kids in the mood to come back to school.": [I Am Bored]

Can you achieve equilibrium?: [Translation Party]
Thanks to Demha in the Mirth Canal.

Mystery solved: the shows that came on after The Simpsons: [11Points]

Today's Big Thing: [Guy catches laptops with his butt]

7 Videos of Quentin Tarantino Acting Like an Ass: [Trailer Trash]

13 Signs That Show She's Loser: [The Frisky]

Shonda Lee reminds us why we never want summer toe end: [Gorillamask]

Pranknet's leader is a jobless and living with his mom: [TSG]
Thanks to Honest Abe in the Mirth Canal.

10 Funniest Ralph Wiggum Quotes: [Liquid Generation]

There may yet be hope for those of us who are balding: [lemondrop]

Girl power the Robot Chicken way: [Adult Swim]

How to pick the right college: [coed]

5 Movies that Ripped Off Comics: [Mania]

We're never eating at Chuck E. Cheese's again: [College Humor]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Stunt cocks. Unfortunately, they don't perform dangerous stunts.
Submitted by easilyconfused in the Mirth Canal.


Does your locality have the manliest restaurant? Submit it, if you've got the balls: [Asylum]

Leaked footage from Iron Man 2: [I Am Bored]

Damn you for toying with us, Microsoft: [Today's Big Thing]
Thanks to ralf23 in the Mirth Canal.

What our girlfriends and wives are getting for Christmas: [College Humor]

Miley Cyrus teaches a generation of girls to pole-dance: [Huffington Post]

Wife of Twitter CEO tweets... while giving birth: [Fark]

When your mother tells you to pick up all your empty Cheetos bags, just show her these: [The Chive]

Insane theories about the universe (that turned out to be true): [Ask Men]

Demotivational car posters: [Uncoached]

7 Media Companies Too Stupid To Snag Their Own Name On YouTube: [Comedy.com]

11 Most Obscure Online Dating Sites: [11Points]

Today's Big Thing: [Taser Surprise]

Ladies and gentlemen, the Santa Cruz city council: [YouTube]
Thanks to codespyder in the Mirth Canal.

Before They Were Boob Jobs: [Liquid Generation]

Apparently lesbian clubs aren't all kissing and naked pillow fights: [lemondrop]

Hank hires a junkie. Hilarity ensues: [Adult Swim]

5 Superhero Scabs: [Mania]

A screenshot from a show we can really get behind: [College Humor]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: Pianos + Cats = How is this page not an internet meme, yet?
Submitted by Demha in the Mirth Canal.


The question that plagues modern man: technology or women?: [Asylum]

Things doctors have learned from their patients: [Doctors]
Thanks to TheNerdyBee in the Mirth Canal.

Screw Rock Band, we want to do this: [College Humor]

The movies that are destroying America: [Huffington Post]

Probably the sweetest story on the Internet... ever: [Fark]

17 WTF signs: [The Chive]

The rumors about an Apple tablet are becoming a reality: [Ask Men]

Sexy milk commercials: [Uncoached]

Karate practitioners less qualified than Daniel Larusso: [Big Stupid Idiot]

Jeri Lee shows off her exotic... sneakers: [Gorillamask]

11 Hilarious Strip Club Signs: [11Points]

The best cat on the Internet: [Maru]
Thanks to Sanchez in the Mirth Canal.

When celebrities fall on their rich asses: [Liquid Generation]

How to sound smart even when you're blitzed: [lemondrop]

Every G.I. Joe sketch from Robot Chicken: [Adult Swim]

Bad news for 80s kids. 5 Reasons Why GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra Will Suck [Mania]

Make your own Kenyan birth certificate: [KBCG]
Thanks to Mongo in the Mirth Canal.

The formative years of the classic douchebag: [I Am Bored]

The five sexiest newspapers on the planet: [Coed Magazine]

The bastardization of our childhood continues: [College Humor]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: A much too long entry about a town with six people living in it.
Submitted by Quagmar in the Mirth Canal.


A salute to Betty White: [Asylum]

Paper towels can do anything: [Today's Big Thing]
Thanks to Remington in the Mirth Canal.


The best boy band ever: [Huffington Post]

Apparently things are OK in England crime-wise if the police have nothing better to do than this: [Fark]

31 totally rad pictures: [The Chive]

Top 10 Fantasy Retreats: [Ask Men]

Hot girls doing body shots: [Uncoached]

Alyssa makes our Frangedakis rise: [Gorillamask]

11 Photos of People Totally Ruined By Sex in the Background: [11Points]

Find a McRib anywhere: [McRib Locator]
Thanks to Honest Abe in the Mirth Canal.

Guess the Celebrity Fatty: [Liquid Generation]

Steve-O gives relationship advice: [lemondrop]

Schizophrenzy: [Adult Swim]

8 Cartoons That Must Be Turned Into Films: [Mania]

The greatest ad ever: [I Am Bored]

The rosters for the LFL are up... as are our pants: [Coed Magazine]

When religion meets Internet memes: [College Humor]

And finally, your insane Wikipedia page of the day: A disturbing behind-the-scenes look at Flipper.
Submitted by Local Penguin in the Mirth Canal.

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