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We want to offer all of you an apology. We asked our readers to photoshop us some "inappropriate children's book covers." This seemed like such a simple, innocuous idea because quite frankly there is nothing as innocent as a child and there is no more wholesome activity than reading.

More than 400 entries later, we realized how tragically, horribly wrong we were. We have ordered the following entries roughly from least disturbing to most, and the very worst have been placed safely at the end. We recommend no one look at them.

At the very end we have placed the winner, who will receive five thousand pennies, which is $50. Again, we're sorry.

by Lord Cownostril

by Sanchez

by Wibblewobble

by alexc86

by chefwit

by detroitsmistrx

by Fortey

by Glenn

by Glenn

by Gonz

by keithito

by Kicsiviz

by mnemosyne23

by mnemosyne23

by Moarisa

by Mortal Wombat

by Mortal Wombat

by Nedroid

by noriyaega

by SamLowery

by Sanchez

by Sanchez

by Sanchez

by schramm

by scoots

by Senior Taco

by Starman

by sugarspliff

by tayser

by The Iron Colonel

by The Iron Colonel

For the eight most offensive entries, and to see this week's winner, check out Page 2. We apologize in advance.

WARNING: We at CRACKED.com want to sincerly apologize for these next entries. When we proposed this theme for the photoshop contest we had no idea it would get this badly out of hand. If you have any kind of human sensitivy left in your soul, you probably just want to skip down to the winning entry.

Again, we're sorry, and we just want to emphasize that we did not make any of these ourselves. You did, and we only display these prominently to serve as a warning to any sick individuals who may attempt to submit such entries to our contest in the future.

by what the!?

by Sadistic Midget

by scoots

by 8bithero

by 8bithero

by Dave Hitler

by I-Rod

by naosix

And the winner is...

by beavertoes

Congrats, beavertoes. You win money.

Want in on this?

You'll have another chance. This week's Photoshop contest theme is:

The most regrettable bumper stickers.

Post your entries in the forums. If you'd like to see the other 400+ entries from this week that didn't make it, see them here and then please seek counselling. If you missed the winners from the week before, behold our gallery of truthful banner ads.

Got an idea for a future Cracked photoshop contest? Let us know.

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