6 Badass Tricks You Can (But Shouldn't) Do With Electricity

As some of you know, Cracked has undertaken a project to show you all sorts of awesome yet deadly experiments people have done at home, specifically so you won't feel the need to do them yourselves. Please, enjoy the fruits of their labor and don't start taking apart your own microwave to see if you can build a railgun out of it.

After all, these bold-slash-insane experimenters risked serious injury or death to bring you...

#6. Plasma Speakers

You know what sucks about speakers? They rarely, if ever, kill anyone. So what if you wanted to blast your music and risk a horribly violent yet quick death? Some enterprising folks on YouTube have done that exact thing.


The guys building these online use PVC, some electronics and an MP3 player. Basic soldering skills and a knowledge of electronics also help, but when it comes to making horribly dangerous knick-knacks in the home, any kind of pertinent knowledge base can only hinder your success.

No Shit?

It turns out that taking the electrical signal that would normally be used by a speaker and arcing it through the air not only produces sound, but makes it clearer than conventional speakers. The discharge moves air molecules, just like a traditional magnetic speaker. Only if you bump into it, you may never grow nut-hair again. So there's that.

#5. Make a (Deadly) Pickle Lamp

"Hey, a pickle! Wonder if there's some way I can turn that into a light bulb," is something you've probably wondered while stoned out of your mind. Well, we have good news: If you were planning to use pickles to provide mood lighting for your next party, the Internet is here for you.


You need a pickle, some wire, a power source, something with which to impale the pickle on both ends and preferably a frame to hold it. You could use your hand, but that will lead to less pickle glowing and more you dying. Once that's set, you plug it all together, and if you did it right, the pickle glows. Turn off the lights and put on some Barry White to get the full effect.

No Shit?

As explained here, the electricity dries out the ends of the pickle (much like time will do to your dong) and then arcs through the briny pickle center (which may not happen to your dong), turning it into a tasty sodium vapor lamp. Although you may be tempted to try and eat a dried out, electrified pickle, we highly recommend unplugging it before doing so. Apparently, the plugged in pickle can kill you.

It's just like mom always said, "A plugged in pickle can kill you." And, in case you weren't sure of it already, apparently glowing pickles prove Christianity is the one true religion.

Behold, sinners, the salty Cucumis Sativus. Ye, it glows and foretells thy doom. -Rev. 19:22

#4. Make Levitation a Reality

If we said you could build your own levitating ion drive, you would probably call us dirty, lying bastards. However, thanks to YouTube, we can assure you it's quite possible and it's relatively easy--although somewhat of a let down if you were imagining turning your car into a landspeeder from Star Wars.


Surprisingly, all you need is a power source, some wires, a light frame and some foil. Wikipedia actually explains how to build one, and a trip to the hobby store should cost you less than 20 bucks. Imagine the chicks that will line up to see your awesome levitating foil (of death. More on that in a bit)

No Shit?

The design of the ionocraft, as they are called by people who rarely touch boobs, causes an electric field that ionizes the air around it, and pushes it downward, lifting the frame. Remember the death mentioned above? Well, believe it or not, this is more dangerous than the pickle.

It's like magic! And kind of dorky.

Not only is there omnipresent risk of being electrocuted to death, but you don't want to breathe too much around your little anti-gravity device. The ionic discharge that lifts the craft is ozone, which can fuck up your day. There is also the apparent risk of an arc at any given moment, which will turn your little flying machine into an unpredictable, floating Tesla coil. Which will then kill you.

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